Homemade Christmas

We are going old school for most of our Christmas this year. Little Monster will get a few store bought goodies (including the baseball glove from Santa he has been talking about for a month). But, for the most part I got my craft on and made gifts for most of my list.

First our Christmas Cards. Not as pretty as Winnie’s Inky Fingers, but I am pretty proud of them. The snowman was going to have a scarf and real stick arms, but The Boss seemed pretty much done with helping me so they went as is.

Some Pasta Angels to go on presents.
Neighbor and friend gifts made earlier in the year from homegrown produce. When I bought the fabric, the lady cutting it asked what I was doing with it. She just smiled knowingly when I said “jelly”.

Fun fabric for a secret project that I can’t post finished pictures of because the person might actually see this before Tuesday.

And then there’s all the edibles listed over on That Recipe.

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