PSA for the Non-Santa’s Helper in the house

The following Public Service Announcement is for those of you that are sharing the parenting duties with someone else in your house (trying not to do any male bashing or assuming female/male parent households).

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

Santa’s Helper stays up late on Christmas Eve to fill the stockings with all kinds of goodies: candy, toothbrush, lip gloss, razors, hot wheels, PEZ dispensers, tangerines, gift cards, keys to a new Lexus, etc. On Christmas morning the kids and other parent rush to open their stockings. Eventually someone notices that Santa’s Helper’s stocking is empty – not even a lump of coal.

“Wow, someone must have been very naughty this year.”

And the temperature in the room drops to the point that the infamous Blizzard on Christmas Eve from Rudolph seems like a mid-summer afternoon. 

Sorry, Dad and Mr. H, I love you both, but let’s be honest, you blew this one every year!  My mom got smart and started putting things in her own stocking. My sister-in-law noticed what was going on when she was youger and started being Santa’s Helper for her mom.  Not that J would notice that Mommy’s stocking is empty, but last year I bought myself some coal candy and this year I got myself something I really like. No, it did not come in a pretty blue box like the one at the right, just some Rolos and Blistex and a few other things I needed.

I could just tell my husband that it bugs me, or have or of my friends or family forward this to him. But, like most women, I will just suffer in silence and hope he gets the hint, ha ha!

In case you are the one that has forgotten to get your spouse a few things for her (or his) stocking in the past, it is not too late. Go get some silly little things to put in like:

  • health and beauty items, razors, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc (oh, my breath stinks, I need to shave more, etc. etc.)
  • sweet treats (oh great, just when I was going to start my post holiday diet)
  • healthy treats (oh, so you think I need to go on a diet)

If you forget, she (he) will be mad, if you put in the wrong thing, she (he) will be mad.  Oh boy, are you screwed. Sigh, ok, here are a few more ideas:

  • gift cards
  • flowers
  • keys to the new Lexus and/or a little something from Tiffanys

Just put a little bit of thought into it and I am sure you will come up with something.

Or the two of you could agree to have nothing in your stockings and donate the money to charity. But, make sure you both agree to this beforehand. Otherwise, be sure to put on your long johns before coming in to open the stockings.

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  1. Ha ha! Love this! I lucked out. My husband never ever did the stocking thing as a kid. So when I started doing it, because its a huge part of our Christmas traditions, he totally dug it. I don't get any blue boxes or anything but I do get some good chocolate.

  2. How fun! I am sitting here now and remembering back to childhood..My parents had 6 of us, and santa did the tree decorating, and wrapping on Christmas eve for all of us. Now, I am remembering there was never a stocking for either of them. Wow, never thought of it. Hubby and I do one for each other as we have no children. I hope the fellas or helpers remember you guys this year! Great tips for what to put in. I have taken a que and am getting some health beauty stuff for him now..Thanks.

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