Are you sure you’re a “chick’? It’s okay not to be a girly girl.

While running through a department store from one ride to the next (elevator to escalator) my son noticed a very nice pair of women’s shoes that were on sale for $70. My husband coughed that “are you kidding me?” cough, and I just threw up my hands and said “Don’t look at me, my ankles hurt just looking at them.”  Which led me to the realization that I am very “unfeminine” in many ways.

I might be female, but I am not a very stereotypical one. Women that hate fashion and celebrity gossip.

the beginning of the end of my girly girlness, my first pair of jeans

Some stereotypical American woman things I have not experienced:

  • read the Fifty Shades series
  • spent over $35 on a pair of shoes
  • had a manicure or a pedicure
  • spent over $20 on a hair cut
  • watched anything related to or associated with the Kardashians
  • purchased make up from a cosmetics counter at a department store

Other non-woman things about me:

  • ESPN and NFL Network are usually the first channels I check when looking for something to watch.
  • I like playing video games, and the first time I played Wii Boxing I knocked my husband’s Mii out (thank you, Coach Ingram!)
  • I can be out the door in 15 minutes (used to be 5 minutes, before I became a Mommy, now I have to pack his stuff and get him ready too).
  • I have packed for a last minute weekend get away in under an hour, including my son’s stuff food and activities for the car ride all loaded in the car and on our way.
  • I own a hair dryer that I use once a month, if that. Otherwise I do not own a curling iron/ hair straightener or whatever other hair perfection devices are out there these days.
  • Shopping is not therapeutic for me. Get in, get what you need, get out.
  • I don’t enjoy chatting on the phone for the most part. Now if it is a friend I haven’t spoke to in ages, that’s different.
  • My purse and shoes combo? White sneakers and a simple black shoulder bag that has as much J’s stuff as mine.
  • Most days I only accessorize with my engagement and wedding rings.
  • Chick Flick or Action Movie? – action movie every time.
  • Dark chocolate is just “okay” in my book.
  • The tool set is MINE and it is not pink.
  • My favorite shoe designer? Reebok.
  • My favorite clothing designer? uh, I couldn’t even name one.

Ok, some of those may be more signs of my innate frugalness, but if I am going to splurge my first choice usually isn’t “girly” things.

If any of the above excite you, good for you. I am not into motorcycles, but I have friends that are – more power to you. I not only have enough self esteem that it doesn’t bother me that I don’t enjoy many of those stereotypical activities, I have no problem with women (or men) that do.

Maybe that could become the new archetypal American woman: does what she wants and accepts other women for doing the same. Live and let live.




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  1. This made me smile. I have a lot of "chick" behavior, but a lot of me isn't. Hubby loves to shop with me as I am also in and out..HATE clotheshopping, HATE heels, and makeup. I do have both, but hardly use them and am told often at work by the "fashionistas" they want to put make up on me..ha ha ha.. I do love pink and just made my stamp room pink. So, I am a hodgepodge!

  2. I'm SO not a girly-girl. I used to ride motorcycles AND fly airplanes. Those opportunities are long ago and far away. Like Winnie, though, I love the pink. =)

  3. I'm with you on a lot of your list – except the shoes. I will spend money – serious money on shoes. I like heels on occasion but I love comfort and I will pay for it.

    My tools aren't pink either.

  4. Your post made me smile. I love that you are an original!


  5. This chick thinks you should be proud of who who you are, whether you're in heels or Reeboks!

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