Bad Influence - the amusing ways my son imitates episodes of Curious George on PBS.
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Bad Influence: Curious George

It is a normal part of social development for a child to be less influenced his (or her) parents as he starts to grow and socialize. Sometimes, all a parent can do is hope that those outside factors are postive. There is currently a bad influence on my son. It has been going on for awhile, but it is getting a bit ridiculous now.

The other night at dinner we were quizzing him about something trivial like “Does a koala eat bamboo?” He answered “No” and then did this with his hands:

We were stunned and asked him who taught him to say no like that. He replied, “George”. Humph. Being good parents, we taught him how to make the Family Feud strike noise when he does that. Because we are diligent about these things.

Yesterday, after he ate his banana for snack he decided to do this with the peel:

The one responsible for teaching him this: George. Ugh!

He made a fully functioning automatic car wash for his toy cars and trains complete with water and soap from the bathroom (back and forth, back and forth, across the carpet) just like George taught him. Oh what joy!

So, who is this George? Are you Curious? Well, that’s marvelous.

Here’s a picture of the little dickens:

Apparently my child is not the only one susceptible to his Pied Piper like charms:

Watch out parents, this little guy will influence your child to do things like measure, sort, plant vegetables, cook, try new foods, exercise, create their own sign language, make a trail of food into a trash can to get ants out of your home, make their own car wash, and worst of all, to READ so they can learn even more antics.
Consider yourselves WARNED!

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9 thoughts on “Bad Influence: Curious George”

  1. Thanks everyone! I had fun with this one. And we always have fun with George. But just once, when we play I wish I could be Professor Wiseman, or Allie or Mrs Rankins or even Gnocchi. Nope, my husband gets to be "The Man" and I get to be Bill, the boy next door.

  2. CUTE!!! This was my daughter's favorite show when she was really little. There was one episode I didn't like very much. It was when George was afraid of the dark and it put the idea into my daughter's head. Her fear didn't last though so I forgave him ; )

  3. Well as long as they don't inhale ether or dial 911 (or was it the fire department?), like George did in the original stories.
    Actually one of my kids did call 911 and so did a friend's son. I think that might be kinda common. That just leaves the ether.

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