Legos make me laugh, and sometimes cry: Funny Lego Memes

This is the current state of the nexus of my downstairs floor  – Legos all over the floor right smack dab in the area that you must walk through to get between the kitchen, tv room and living room/ bath room/ front door:

I just shuffle my feet when I walk through there, because I don’t want to end up like this:



l_2c1e4560-baa1-11e1-9972-0b2576a00006 no-pain-compares-to-stepping-on-a-lego_o_619822

And this is about my skill level when it comes to building with them:


pretty much


No, I couldn’t build the Death Star, but I could build a wicked Alderaan.


every single time…

except Legos aren't cheap

except Legos aren’t cheap

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