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Legos make me laugh, and sometimes cry: Funny Lego Memes

This is the current state of the nexus of my downstairs floor  РLegos all over the floor right smack dab in the area that you must walk through to get between the kitchen, tv room and living room/ bath room/ front door:

I just shuffle my feet when I walk through there, because I don’t want to end up like this:



l_2c1e4560-baa1-11e1-9972-0b2576a00006 no-pain-compares-to-stepping-on-a-lego_o_619822

And this is about my skill level when it comes to building with them:

pretty much
No, I couldn’t build the Death Star, but I could build a wicked Alderaan.
every single time…
except Legos aren't cheap
except Legos aren’t cheap

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