A Tutorial: Using Your Phone In The Car

In today’s world we have an ever pressing need to always be connected. And cell phones have become an integral part of that. Too often people become confused about when it is okay to use your phone in a car.

So I thought I’d help you by making a handy little flow chart. Start with “Are you the driver?” and follow along to get your answer.



This post was inspired by seeing one too many people leaving the school area with their kids in the car and almost hitting pedestrians or cyclists because they were on the phone. PUT IT DOWN! Is someone’s life really worth it?


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  1. Love this. Makes me wish Blogger played well with Pinterest (i.e. you were able to have a pin it button) because this deserves to be pinned in as many places as possible.

  2. pinned it to my That Recipe account: http://pinterest.com/pin/140596819589013338/

  3. Hahaha .. so true! And good advice.

    Thanks for linking up!

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