A bit of spring

I am not trying to rub it in to those of you buried under a blanket of that funny white stuff you like to dump on your yards and roads and… I could never handle snow for longer than a weekend jaunt to the local mountains. But as a public service to anyone with the winter blahs, I am offering you a bit of hope from my garden in sunny (albeit chilly) Southern California.

So if you are up for it, Toto, let’s follow the yellow flower path, follow the yellow flower road.

Just wish it wasn’t the path to my front door.
 neighbor’s peach tree – I can taste the preserves already

 manzanita blooms
 in a few short weeks those little purple nubs will be beautiful pink flowers
One of my last survivng Wayne Roderick Daisy plants.

Months on hands and knees pulling and digging in an attempt to destroy these evil monopolizing rhizomes and they still pop up. Mexican Evening Primrose must die (at least in my yard)!

Speaking of hard gardening effort, I hacked almost a full barrel of this rosemary
and it still looks gorgeous (these are almost impossible to kill in my yard).
Little Panda rescued a rosemary trimming and turned it into a Christmas tree,
complete with dirt “ornaments”.
Yeah! my bulbs are doing well (elephant garlic, a freesia flower just starting to peek out, and garlic from an “oops you didn’t get harvested last year bulb”)

 And finally, from indoors, the last of my forced Paperwhites.
I am in the process of moving a raised garden bed for vegetables to a hopefully sunnier spot and planning and plotting what I am going to attempt to grow this year. Yes, even though I haven’t been able to get green beans to produce in five years, I think I will try again. Gardeners are eternal optimists.

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  1. Sigh! Thanks for sharing! I am covered in snow and we are getting more tomorrow night. I love the flowers and buds as they remind me that Spring will get here eventually! I am drooling over your rosemary!

  2. Yes, we ARE eternal optimists. Your photos truly offer a breath of fresh air and the hope of spring. Lovely!

  3. What a wonderful post!

  4. Your beautiful photos make me yearn for spring. Thank you for the glimpse. Lovely!


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