Photography critiques requested.

We snuck away for a quick 24 hour trip to Mission Bay, San Diego yesterday after J got out of school. Night time beach and pool time, a typical night in a hotel room waking up in the middle of the night and talking for TWO HOURS!!!, then the park, more beach and more pool.  And I tried to take some good photos. Here are some that I think came out well. Not bad, only took me 150 shots to get these. Yeah! Digital Cameras.

If you are a professional, semi professional and/or a decent amatuer photographer I’d love to hear your critiques.

  Sunset on the bay, trying to get the reflection of the sky on the bay.

Night shot playing on a Hobie Cat on the beach.

Desperately trying to get the lights from the boats and marinas on the bay – one of the lights on the right was far brighter than the rest and kept throwing off the camera. It looks okay small, but probably wouldn’t even make a good 4×6 print.

Kind of a miracle that I actually caught them both in mid air.

Tree roots poking through the ground.

Peek a boo at the park. His face actually looks kind of weird in this one, but hopefully you can tell I was trying for an interesting angle.

I had a hard time figuring out how to time the shot so the plane would be between the trees when the shutter finally closed. Should I crop it closer so the plane is a bit bigger?

At first I was just taking a picture of the tower, then I realized it would be better with his hand in there and the toys and water visible in the background.
Well, what do you think? Should I give up or keep trying. 

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  1. Oh, my goodness, NEVER give up! Do a Google search for "rule of thirds," and try to apply it to your compositions. The shot where breaking that rule works is "peek-a-boo at the park." Most of the time you want your focal point or horizon line to be above or below the center line of the shot. Adding the human element in the last photo was great thinking. And the shot where both of them are jumping is priceless! Nice work!

    1. THANKS! I was thinking about the rule of thirds for the top one, but couldn't decide if I should shift it more toward the sky or the water. I probably should play with both and see how it comes out. Most of the time I just snap away and hope I get something I can compose properly through cropping.

    2. I would give that top shot a little more sky. Or water. Or sky. I'd love to see both, actually! you have a good eye.

  2. I love the jumping shot!! you have a great eye!

  3. Wow these are great picture! I love the one of the sunset on the bay.

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