If you need a laugh or two or more.

Ugh, we had been doing so well on the sleep front, until the last two nights. Yesterday my “alarm” went off at 4:30 and this morning it was 5:30. I wish he had a snooze button. But, once he wakes up it is non-stop chattering. Coffee is helping, and I am sure that bracing cold bike ride to get him to school will perk me up (currently 43 degrees Fahrenheit). But, in order to get through the day, I am going to need a laughter infusion.

Maybe you do too. So here are a few things that have made me laugh recently.

I was halfway up the stairs the other day and I completely forgot what I was going up to get. I walked back down, retracing my steps trying to remember what I had been doing, still nothing. A few hours later, while finishing up my business in the downstairs bathroom, I remembered. Toilet Paper! Oy, can I blame “the change“? (And maybe it’s just me but that comma after the second “where” is driving me nuts).

My poor deprived only child will never know the joys of sharing the backseat with a sibling on a long car trip – “he’s touching me”, “she’s looking at me.” My brother and I would put the mini ice chest between us as the “do not pass line”, and woe be tide the one that opened it towards the other side. Our poor parents.

Thanks to NaBloPoMo and following links from links I have been reading some awesome blogs lately. Here are a few that have tickled my funy bone.  Most are pretty short, pop on over give ’em some love and enjoy a laugh.

  • Papa is a Preacher – a single young woman’s view of couplehood before Valentine’s Day. I’ve been there, Larissa!
  • Shortcut Girl – 10 Ways to Manage Your Picky Eater (read this the same day I wrote If a Spaghetti Squash Can Make you Smile)
  • My Half Assed Life – Veggie Porn: I linked to her whole series on the subject of interesting vegetables. (if you are offended by coarse language and vegetables that look like they have human body parts – stay away. I laughed hysterically.)
  • Motherhood and More – 10 Things Parents Should Never Do. I have never done #9, but I could definately see it happening.
  • Rufflebutts – The Chocolate Covered Cherry Incident

If you have some funnies, please feel free to share. Laughter is the best medicine.

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  1. Oh! I'm planning on doing my "Humor Me Friday" post tomorrow.. so I'll have a couple to share too. (: Loved these..especially wonder woman. Thanks for linking up! 😀

  2. Thanks for the humor! I will catch up and try to post some more on my blog. My kids are comedians.

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