Today’s Good, Bad and Ugly

Definately one of those days.

The GOOD: I finally figured out where to get a propeller to fix the Spinny Hat: a hobby shop that sells supplies for model airplanes. d’oh! They arrived today (ordered a 3-pack), it has been fixed, and the boss was very happy today running around yelling “I am Propeller Mario!”

The BAD: As I was unbuckling him from his car seat after school, up came all of the Doritos they had for snack at preschool for triangle week. Thrrough some miracle I will probably pay for later, we managed to confine it to the neck straps of the car seat, his clothes and both mine and Hubby’s jackets.  I tried to remove the cover of that car seat once. I gave up and ended up hosing off the puke and leaving it in the sun to dry.

The UGLY: I ordered a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood sweatshirt and pillow case from and they arrived while we were picking the boss up from school. I prewashed them with the puke clothes according to manufacturer’s instructions, inside out on cold, low temp tumble dry. This is how it came out:

Seriously disappointed. Ok, I was livid. But, Hubby talked me off the ledge. At least we didn’t tell J we were ordering it, so I can just hide it and hope they will replace it.

And the rest of this wet miserable day will be spent on Sick Watch even though he was fine the second the Doritos came back up (I bet he just ate too many).

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  1. Hope circle and square day aren't as brutal.

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