5 a.m. on a Saturday is too early

Coffee, must have coffee!

Sanity in a mug.
(Yeah, I drink coffee from a Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime mug – got a problem with that?)

Playing Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, picking 5 strawberries from the
Enchanted Garden to make Strawberry Pancakes for breakfast.

“I cut by myself, Mommy no help.”

Banana Pancake with Strawberry Muddle (he would not have eaten the pancakes with strawberry chunks inside like in the actual episode)

Top two photos taken by the boss. He is actually figuring out how to keep his finger off the lens and to point the camera at something other than his feet. Digital camera’s are a wonderful invention.

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  1. What a cutie! Love that he is trying to be so independent!

  2. Good thing he can make breakfast while you load up on coffee!

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