Hello, Pinkie.

The Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky this year and left my son FIVE baskets: one inside our house, one on the porch which was rerouted by neighbor Cori, one at each of his grandmother’s, and one at Aunt Laura’s.  So glad  I *cough* HE didn’t go to too much work this year – just a little candy, a Veggie Tales bible (QWERTY!!!) and a few books. Because combined with the other 4 this kid made out like a bandit

In the goodie basket he left at Aunt Laura’s was a Growing Pet Flaming egg that looked like this.

Honestly, with so much “stuff” from everyone else, I just set it aside and figured we would do it next year. He found it and wanted to play with it NOW. Okay, okay, let’s read the directions. Soak in water for a few days watch what happens. Sounds exciting.

After we put it in water and oohed and aahed at a pink egg in a cup of water, I quickly put it up on the mantle, because:

open water container + my kid = huge sopping mess.

And then we watched and waited. And a few seconds later when he figured out nothing thrilling was going to happen right away he was on to the next. Phew! No whining “I want flamingo.”

The next morning our little pink egg had started to crack open. Ooooh!
And then he was on to the next.
And the morning after that our little friend was practically BURSTING forth from its pink prison.
J was not exactly bursting with excitement. One cursory look and on to the next.

Day 3: Good morning, Sunshine! Welcome to the Jungle!

It even came complete with realistic looking amniotic fluid.
“Please let Mommy give her a bath and then you can play with her.”

So here is Pinkie all cleaned and dried.
 I wanted to name it Krissy in honor of my college roomie that had a thing for flamingos, but that idea was shot down with a quick “no, no”. Pinkie was snatched from my hand then got to ride on Trolley and Thomas a few times and then was abandoned on the floor for magnetic letters.
I hope Aunt Laura the Easter Bunny got this at the 99 cent store, hopefully 2 for a $1.
The big question in my mind now is why isn’t it standing like in the picture on the box.
And where is the pink mohawk down her back?
Mommy may have to fix that as soon as he completely loses interest in a day or two.
And then I am going to change her name to Krissy and she can sit on my computer when I blog to make me happy. 😉

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  1. Ha ha ha! I can't tell if that's neat or creepy but I know I love that thing!

  2. I'm leaning a little towards "creepy" on this one. Cool, but creepy.

  3. I think it is cute not creepy. We got a dino egg for my daughter one year. Now that is creepy.


    1. mine would have LOVED a dinosaur. As long as it told me which one it was because I hate trying to figure it out because he knows the difference.

  4. I was kind of torn between cute and creepy too. I was also concerned about what the heck that slimy goop was inside the egg. I didn't let him touch it and I scrubbed and scrubbed.

  5. Ok, now I am feeling sad. While I was typing that up yesterday, Krissy's dad passed away. RIP Buck! Hugs to your wife, kids and grandkids.

  6. I love that flamingo and you too! And I can't wait for my namesake to sit on your computer because I know it will make you think of me!

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