How far would you go?

In September 2011 we finished up with testing with the school district and our son qualified for Special Day Preschool. Unfortunately it isn’t offered at the school two blocks from the house, we have to go three miles away. We only have one car, and with the state of the economy we were leery of buying another so we got a bike and trailer and I started taking my son to and/or from school at least three days a week. Two weeks from tomorrow we will be done! He starts Kindergarten at our local school in August.

This morning I started wonderig how far have I ridden? And since my husband’s mantra with his mathematics students is SHOW YOUR WORK, I will show mine.

In the 2011-12 school year there were 35 weeks from the first week of October to the last week of May. This year there were 43 weeks from mid-August to when we finish the first week of June. Total 78 weeks.

Subtract 7 weeks from each year for vacations (2 weeks Thanksgiving/conferences, 3 weeks Winter and 2 weeks Spring) equals 64 weeks. And I’ll take another 4 weeks off for J being sick and Daddy being on break and able to take him – and I like round numbers. Gives us 60 weeks

3 days a week, 6 miles a day gives us the following:

60 weeks *3 days/week *6 miles a day = 1080 miles

How far am I willing to go for my son and his education?  Answer: at least 1080 miles (or 1738 km)

That’s in the rain, cold, heat and wind. Riding on countless flat tires, a few days of the back wheel was out of alignment and it was rubbing on the brake, colds, saddle soreness, muscle aches and pulls, being attacked by a tumbleweed or two. Dealing with a sometimes cranky passenger and ignorant or oblivious drivers. All while pulling at least 25 pounds (the trailer alone) up to 75+ (J and all of our stuff plus the trailer).

If I’d known it would be that much when I started I would have been overwhelmed. But breaking it down to 3 mile increments, made it doable. And there were some days when I was riding on my rims in 100+ degree heat that I just kept chanting to myself “do one more block, just make it one more block.”

So, I guess you  say I think my son is pretty special and I would go to great lengths to make sure he gets a good education.

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  1. He's one lucky little cowboy! And you are just amazing!

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