Some Parenting Humor: How I Cope with Parenting Exhaustion

I am an unmotivated Mama today. Maybe waking up at 4:30 a.m. the last two mornings has something to do with it! Ugh. I love my little man, but it would be nice if he slept until the sun at least starts peeking over the horizon.

I have a ton of things I should be doing, like laundry and dishes and dusting and floors and… instead I am plopped on the couch, typing and watching a little HGTV.

When chatting with some of the other parents at school pick up awhile back the topic of “coping” came up. One of the moms had seen something on one of those daytime chat shows (she didn’t remember which, maybe Katie Couric?) about parents drinking and using drugs – legal or otherwise -and other things in order to cope with the stresses of work and kids.

My method for coping these past few years has been to let the housework go. And to squelch my inner desire for order as long as I can before I go on a cleaning binge.

Hey, when you have 4 hours to kill before you even leave for school all of those things that were carefully organized dumped onto baskets and boxes the night before are promptly scattered all over the floor within 10 minutes of the Whirlwind coming downstairs.


My living room floor this morning
My kitchen counter

Now in all fairness to me, I have a very good reason to leave the junk on the kitchen counter. Because whenever I clean it off, this happens:

Hi, Mommy!

Only a few more weeks until the long trek to preschool on the bike is over. Then he is out for TWO MONTHS for summer. I guess I won’t be clearing off a space on the mantle for the Goodhousekeeping Award.

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  1. Right! Not clearing off the kitchen counter is not laziness. It's a form of toddler proofing!!
    If I don't clear off the kitchen counter the cat jumps up and helps me out and batting EVERYTHING on the floor!

    1. Ha ha! Sounds like some of my brother's cats

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