Mommy win

Yesterday we planned to go to the park then head to Super Target. They had a turkey breast on sale and that is the perfect size for my little family.

We had a blast at the park, and then when it was time to go:


He stalled for at least 5 minutes coming down the slide so I had to go up for him. He screamed all the way to the car, I had to hold him down in the car seat to strap him in then we headed home with the Little Monster screaming the entire way. Hey, you don’t follow rules you don’t get what you want. Mommy has to ask 5 times for you to take your clothes off for bath and you are still jumping on the bed – NO BUBBLES!

We heard about going to the park and Target all day long. Basically the whole day sucked and I was thrilled when he finally went to sleep. At 2 a.m. the whining started up again. I am not even sure he was completely awake or just still stuck in that mode.  He went back to sleep after about an hour (short for him) and slept all the way until 7:30 a.m. Woohoo!!!

We tried a different park today, reminded him when we got there that when it was time to go he needed to go to the car without telling us NO. He did. We went to Target as planned, and the turkey breast was still on sale.

Mommy win.

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  1. Gotta love a melt down! My daughter had an entire tantrum during her swimming lessons. So basically she cried anytime her head was above water. Lovely! We've already had the talk about what's going down tomorrow when we go back. No tantrums!

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