Mother’s Day Memories

For the most part, today is SSDD, same “stuff” different day. Daddy was nice enough to let me sleep in. Well, as much as I could with car alarms going off at 5am waking the beast, followed by dogs going after each other a short while later and then J shouting just about everytime I started to drift back to sleep. Sigh! At least I didn’t have to get out of bed and make breakfast. Otherwise it has been laundry, visiting my mom and cooking. I’ll head out in the heat to grill up dinner as soon as I finish typing this – Rancher’s Reserve Rib Eyes that I picked up at 50% off.

I did get a few very nice Random Acts of Kindness presents from strangers yesterday at Legoland. While waiting to ride on the Royal Joust, J begged for horse number 4 – he was just going to miss it. But at the last minute the moms in front of us realized their kids would be separated so they let J go first and the only horse left was HORSE #4!!! Then I went to get a refill of Pibb Zero and the cashier let me have it for free! Wahoo! I still got it. Or the guy just didn’t want to wait around for me to get my backpack off and fish out my pass and $1.

Today I opened the present and letter J made for me in preschool.
Here’s the letter from last year:
and this year’s.
Apparently I have shrunk a few feet and all the weight went to my waistline.
Diet starts tomorrow! (I did mention the rib-eye we are having for dinner, didn’t I?)
At least my pond loves me and gave me some new blooms this year.

I could be upset that my husband didn’t do anything special for me today. But, the man is working an absolutely insane schedule right now so I can be home with our son. And I’d rather have him come home and rest than spend time trolling the stores for some cheesy overpriced card and flowers.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. Aah, I have a Justin too. For a few years I had two of them. Justins rock.

    1. Asshat #1 and his dad? or one is yours and one is the Immature Jerk's (well that's what I have been calling him when I read your posts)?

  2. Haha that's adorable. Those flowers are beautiful! And I love the name Justin. I feel the need to explain it has nothing to do with any singer. I simply think it's a lovely name and have liked it for quite some time. I'm sure you do too. 🙂

    1. Larissa, in my faith tradition it used to be common practice to name your child after the saint of the day on the day they were born. Most people don't even think to do it any more. He was due June 1 which is the Feast of St. Justin. He snuck out a little early, yeah! but after praying together while I was in full blown labor in the hospital we "knew" that was his name.

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