Another project done

This is my summer of getting things done. Early this summer I plowed through 3 1/2 years of scrapbooking for my and completed five scrapbooks in one week – thank you Shutterfly! Then I switched to my patio furniture.

We bought the set a few years ago, and I swear any finish that was on it washed off in the first rain and definitely looked the worse for wear.

Here’s what one of the chairs looked like before.

I have no idea what the writing says. Maybe it is Fortune Furniture and says “Whomever sits in this chair shall have wealth and happiness all the days of his life.” Or something like that. 🙂

I bought some super heavy duty deck stain that was originally designed to protect wood in the harsh Australian outback. Yeah, that might be a good idea here in Southern California.

Here’s the love seat stained on the bottom and unstained on the top.

And here are all 6 pieces FINALLY completed.

You might notice it was nice and overcast this morning. So, as soon as I took this picture I spent an hour trimming back the Salvias (the plants in the background) and the lavender. I have the best smelling green trash barrel in the neighborhood.

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  1. Looks great! That was a big project. I am spending my summer reading and sewing.

  1. […] it dried overnight, I wiped on some stain leftover from the outdoor furniture and didn’t wipe it off. Yup, I didn’t wipe it off. I know I am supposed to wipe it off, […]

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