Be careful what you ask for

I mentioned previously that my sons favorite pool rule is No Horseplay. Admittedly he thinks it means no horses in the pool, but every time he is asked to give a pool rule in swim class he gives that as an answer.

Yesterday Coach Gage said, “You say that every time, tomorrow I want you to say a new one.”

So on our way into class we looked at the pool rule sign that is posted by the front gate. He read through them and picked one. M and I laughed.

When the time came for him to give a pool rule, I suspect Gage was ready for him to say No Horseplay. Instead he said, “No Bobby Pins”.

Well, that’s what the sign says!

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  1. Score!

  2. Awesome!!

  3. Love it! Love the way he thinks!

  4. nice!

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