Exciting Sunday

One more big project can be crossed off my to do list. At least it will whenever I can hold a pen in my hand again.

If you have ever purchased a house, or in our case, refinanced a home loan you might recognize the cramped grip from signing your name ad nauseum on a document that is at least an inch thick. I am glad it is done, but wished I hadn’t looked at “the page”. You know the one. With all of the numbers on it, especially the really big scary one that represents how much you will have to pay once all is said and done.

Maybe tomorrow that look will be out of my eyes. Maybe.

Hope you all had as an exciting and productive weekend as we did.

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  1. Winnie

    Love the picture! I can feel your emotion just looking at it. When you are done though, you will have a very happy look on your face!

  2. Kathy

    That picture is priceless. I can just imagine how you felt literally signing your life away.


  3. Have Apron....Will Bake

    Heehee. I hear ya…it is daunting.

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