Why does the Universe want $100+ from me?

I don’t know what is going on, but the only conclusion is that the universe wants $100 (give or take) from me. I fix one thing and then boom another thing breaks. And July/August are the tightest months for us because M is on summer schedule and not working as much as usual so we have a lower income these months (and January too).

First the hinge on the printer/scanner broke while we are in the middle of refinancing our home loan.  If you have never done a home loan or refi, there are lots and lots of papers to print and copies to make. I found if I held down the corner just hard enough I can trick the machine into thinking it is closed and it will print. I had to stand there FOREVER and a day holding down the corner, but I got all of the pages printed, then scanned after we were our fingers out signing them.

Then Saturday night the vacuum cleaner decides to stop working. I cleared a clog out, but still nothing. Sunday morning I unscrewed the bottom to see if the belt was broken or worn. It was fine, so I just fiddled with everything in there. I plugged it back in and voila! We have suction.

J and I were in my bed on Monday reading during “quiet time”. Well, I try to make him sit for some quiet time every day. He was bouncing around quite a bit and I noticed our sheet ripped. UGH! I took it off to see if I could repair it but the fitted sheet was so threadbare it was impossible. I took a look at my spare sheet set and realized all that needed to be fixed on that one was to sew the corner – easy peasy. I wonder why I never did it before.

Today J knocked Daddy’s soda all over the carpet so I decided it would be a good time to steam the carpets. It went better than the last time I did it, and I didn’t have to pay the money and move all of the furniture to do it.

The oddest thing is, all five of those things cost about $100.  Eventually I am going to need to replace the printer, vacuum and sheets, but at least for now I can wait until they go on sale and I have coupons. I can hardly wait to see what breaks next.

And a word of warning to Whatever Cosmic Force in the Universe That Wants My Money: I am going to fight you for every dollar you try to pull away from me! So there! :p

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  1. I call it Soylent Green too! That's what my dad called it.

    1. I made fun of it, but it works really well, especially to clean the carpets. Of course the irony is it is very earth friendly!

  2. When it rains it pours. Hopefully the sun will come out again at your house and things will stop breaking.


  3. Hang in there! We've all had those moments. Hopefully this means $100 is coming back soon!

  4. That's always how it goes! If you have a little money, the universe finds out and sticks it to you! Any time we get a little extra money, I tell my husband we better find something to spend it on before the universe finds out it's there!

  5. When the sheets ripped I just had to laugh. Especially when I realized that all of the things were about the same cost as the pressure cooker I treated myself to with my credit card rewards. 🙂

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