Your family, your choice!

I just saw this on Facebook and I love love love love it! It was originally created by a woman named Annie Vorys and posted on End the Mommy Wars. Full credit to her!

Don’t have children, I support that too.

Sometimes I think we women do more to tear down other women than any man could.

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  1. That's great. Thx for posting it. I hope I can remember to use that technique when someone gets too snoopy with me.

  2. So great! I don't understand the "mommy" wars. So weird to me, as it seems so counterproductive as women that they tear each other down instead of "lifting up". I don't have my own children (a grown step son) and have people ask me why. It is never close friends or family as they know my history. I find that I get annoyed about it and used to soften my response, now I am blunt. Got married in my 30's, hubby got sick and I needed to care for him and was then widowed at 40. I didn't "chose" my life, but I turned it into a good one. Your way is a kinder way.

  3. Hubby and I have been together since our sophomore year of college, but J wasn't born until just after our 40th birthdays. You can only imagine the questions I have been asked over the years.

    I still LOVE being an Auntie! I have some of the smartest, sweetest, most talented neices and nephews God ever created. And when they got whiney I could give them back to their parents. Pay back has been tough with my little man, ha ha!

  4. Love this!

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