Are little white lies really bad?

Or, are they just a way for parents to keep their sanity sometimes?

We checked out Max’s Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells from the library last week. And of course J now wants a chocolate chicken.

The egg hunt I could easily set up since I still have lots of plastic eggs in the holiday cupboard. But, have you ever tried to find a chocolate chicken in the middle of August? I would have settled for a mold and making it myself, but again, wrong season.

 So I found the closest thing I could:

Yes, it is a dove. You know that. I know that. J does not. He is happy because he has a chocolate chicken. And Mommy is happy because he is happy.

And if anyone has a wedding or anniversary coming up and needs some chocolate molds, I have one with hearts and bells and doves. Otherwise I can break it out at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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