Fabulous weekend at home!

We were supposed to go on vacation this week, but we ended up staying in town and that turned out to be a really good thing!

Yesterday J begged to go to our neighbors house and jump on their trampoline. Wasn’t interested in using their pool, just the trampoline. I figured he would last about 15 minutes.

An hour later he’d finally had enough.  Then we headed off to the library for new books and computer time! Our library has a great set up for the little guys with learning games and headphones just for them. Luckily it is also on a 30 minute timer.

Next was the pizza parlor to get his free mini pizza he won as a prize in the library’s summer reading program. And play some games for tickets to get even more prizes. Home to rest/read library books before church.

A block away from church I got a text from my BFF asking if we were home. She lives 3 hours away, needless to say I was immediately suspicious. On a whim they drove down for the day to check on a rental property they have and wanted to stop by for a visit.

GAH! Immediate panic! How messy is the house? Will I have time to straighten before they get there? What am I going to serve them? Then I took a deep breath, reminded myself who it was and told her to get herself to my house as soon as they were done and we’d meet them there right after church. After a great service with one of our favorite priests and deacons (and cantor too, come to think of it) we rushed home and played “stash and dash”.

As soon as they got there my not very social son was on the go with his buddy Liam. The photo on the right was one of the few moments they were actually still. Of the dozens if not hundreds of attempts we have made as well as a few other Mommy friends, I think these are the only two pictures we have of the two of them looking at the camera at the same time. 🙂

The grown ups were outside catching up while the boys were supposed to be playing in the TV room. I noticed things got a little quiet, so I went to investigate. No boys in site, so I immediately headed for the still locked front door (phew!) and saw this on the floor:

Uh oh! Then I heard the noise in J’s room. I walked in to see this:


No idea what they were playing. I think it had something to do with Team UmiZoomi. But I didn’t care – they were both having fun! The visit was too short, but I was still grateful they went out of their way to stop by!

J was so hyped up he had a hard time falling asleep. And of course woke up at 5:00 a.m. Today we are just taking it easy around the house.

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  1. Awesome Day!

  2. What a fun time for all of you! Nothing better than girlfriend time especially when they have little ones to play with yours! Love to see their creative imagination! I bet your son slept well after a day of trampoline and fun!

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