Maslow’s NEW Hierarchy of Needs

If you aren’t familiar Maslow’s Hierarchy, he basically theorized that humans spend their time and effort on achieving a list of needs starting at the bottom and moving up. Starving artists may disagree, but you can’t worry about creativity and self fulfilment if your belly isn’t full.
A former co-worker, our IT guy, posted this revised version on FaceBook recently with an emphatic YES!
My nieces and nephews would most definitely agree. One of the first questions out of their mouths when they visit is “Can I have the WiFi password?”. Just kidding, I am a good hostess and have it written down for them as they come through door – after I get my hug, of course.
As for me, eh, not so much. I have a fairly ignorant phone. It is a phone and it takes really bad little pictures.  We have been discussing finally upgrading to smart phones and getting a cell phone contract. Up until now we have gone with prepaid service, $100 a piece each year, and we have never come close to using all of those minutes. We also have a land line and do all of our surfing on either the Kindle or laptops, which is ridiculously expensive and I am sick and tired of calls from “survey takers” trying to sell me solar power. But, the joke that is the National Do Not Call Registry is a rant for another day.
As I have been researching it, the questions have become do we “need” it and if so how much high speed data will we need. My Road Warrior husband (200 or so miles a week) would like it for checking traffic and occasionally for checking for deals on places to eat. My interest is in downloading coupons at the grocery store instead of doing it at home and writing down the coupons I loaded onto my grocery loyalty cards. Maybe an FB update or two a day for me (M still refuses to have anything to do with social media). Other than that I doubt either one of us will be streaming a lot any music or videos. It just isn’t our thing.
Looking at the Hierarchy again, WiFi isn’t really a “need” for us, but it will make obtaining some of the other needs a little easier and perhaps even a little cheaper.
How about you? Is WiFi a need? Is it so ingrained in your daily life that you can’t imagine how to do without it?

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  1. It is a need for me!!! Because of the amount of time I spend away from home working it's how I keep in touch with everyone, check email, read news and sometimes even work. Sitting in airports and restaurants/bars alone while away from home I need a way to pass the time with my smartphone and/or iPad and/or laptop.

  2. And if you didn't have Wifi how would I know what bar you are in or get to see lovely pictures or your food and drinks? 😉

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