Not sure which was cuter

1 – the 2 year old girl in her frilly dress and matching socks with cute little bows and jewelry running along the chairs at church tonight dodging her parents attempts to catch her and being rather vocal about it.

2 – my 5 year old telling us in his sympathetic voice “the baby is crying” when she was caught.

3 – the conversations I could interpret between at least 4 different tweens/teens and their parents that probably went something like this (based on body language)

Tween/teen (shaking from laughing):
Parent (nudge to be quiet, pointing at the girl and nodding): Don’t laugh, you were worse.
Tween/teen (astonished look and head shake): I was not! I NEVER did anything like THAT. Did I?
Parent (continuing to nod, maybe a few eye rolls at their tween/teen or a sympathetic look for the parents of the squealing little girl): Oh yes, many times.

It’s funny watching someone else go through it when yours are old enough not to act that way. It is not so funny you are in the trenches dragging your screaming little monster out the back door as quickly as you can because he wanted to get up on the chair himself instead of you helping him, or wanted to get the car himself when the nice older gentleman behind us was kind enough to pick it up when it rolled off the chair, or any of the other myriad of bad memories from the last five years I am repressing for my sanity right now.

Hopefully someday when he is a tween/teen we can relax and actually listen to the service. 🙂

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  1. My daughter stood on the book rack that was glued to the back of the pew (was – past tense) and what a clang and clatter that made! She also got on her hands and knees and crawled away from me going under pews, between feet and legs, meowing loudly.

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