OOps, stumbling a bit the last few days.

This was supposed to be a vacation week for us. Well, a vacation few days anyway. It is the one week between ending summer school and starting a new term for my husband. We planned to go away for a few days. But we delayed so long in picking some place that everything was pretty much booked. Sigh, I guess we really shouldn’t be spending the money right now. And, the monster sleeps even worse when we are in a hotel than at home, if that is possible.

So, we are doing things around town to stay busy. Yesterday we went to our old homestead, Orange County, CA. We wandered around South Coast Plaza (an “upscale luxury shopping center”) for awhile enjoying the sites. The only store I actually walked into was this one:

YUM! Manna from heaven! Yes, this Bay Area born girl still loves her sourdough bread. I got a one pound loaf and treated myself to a chocolate croissant. I figured with all the walking we were going to do I would burn off the calories plus I figured J would want to share with me. One bite of the chocolate filling and I almost spit it out. It tasted almost perfumey to me. I was bummed because there are at least 4 other bakeries in the mall I could have gotten a much better one, not even counting the ubiquitous Starbucks. It ended up in the trash.

We had planned on taking J to Rainforest Cafe, but to our surprise this location was closed. Well, why see fake animatronic animals when you can go see the real thing? Up the road to the Santa Ana Zoo we went. In all of the years we loved just a few blocks away M and I had never been. Small place, would have liked to explore more, but J just wanted to wash his hands and “drive” the Jeep.



Okay, I have to admit it, that was a cool handwashing station and what kid wouldn’t enjoy climbing around on and pretending to drive that Jeep (no tires and the wheels are half buried). The little girl in the picture was showing J how to move the steering wheel up and down, not showing him how to drive despite how it looks 🙂 Her grandmother said they come often and the last time they never even made it to see any animals she just wanted to play there.

We still hadn’t eaten by the time we got back in our area so we headed to a Chinese buffet. I enjoyed myself and ignored my healthy eating. I ended up only having a few slices of Boudin’s for dinner so it probably wasn’t too much of a splurge.

I haven’t done a real workout in a few days either. Yesterday was all of the walking we did and today I did some yard work since it was cool and I wanted to get it done in case the wind changes directions and we get the smoke from the Falls Fire about 10 miles north of here. Even though I can’t smell the smoke my noise was twitching and J is definitely having trouble with something in the air.

But, even though I haven’t been overly diligent, after 3 weeks I have some good progress to report:

  • weight down 2.5 pounds according to the neurotic scale
  • waist down 1.75 inches
  • hips down 2.25 inches

I may stay in vacation mode a bit this week and get back to it next week once school starts and I have time to myself before 8 p.m.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I totally understand missing some of the Bay Area's good food! Lived in the wine country for almost 20 years before moving to the PacNW area. Beautiful in it's own way but not the same. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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