Weekly Summary of FMS Photo a Day: Aug 10-16

Another day with very little accomplished, sigh! What’s it going to be like when hubby goes back to school too and I start volunteering at the school and going for coffee once a week. I will worry about that next week, I guess.

Here are the photos I took this week.

Day 10: Beverage – homemade Very Berry Hibiscus Cooler (before you ask, the recipe is here)

Day 11: I love doing this – not really thrilled with how this one came out.

Day 12: Macro – I didn’t know my camera had this function!

Day 13: Fast – I had to have a fast finger (and some luck) for this shot.

Day 14: Trash – Honestly, I do read good literature too! at least some of the time.

Day 15: the Best – the Best photo I took of J’s first day of school.

Day 16: Cooking – playing with a new profile picture for www.thatrecipe.com. The site’s color scheme was based on the olive oil bottle and and my business cards have a similar sketch on them.

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