Weekly Summary of FMS Photo a Day: Aug 17-23

Here are my photos for the past week.

Day 17: exercise – the workout and equipment I should have been using instead of taking pictures.

Day 18: Someone I spoke to today – but I don’t think he heard me for awhile. I don’t normally take pictures of him when he was crying, but I was trying to distract him. In the top left he is pretending to take a picture. Why was he crying? I don’t think he even really knew.


Day 19: lost – This nail was lost because of too much cleaning and gardening.


Day 20: stairs – wondering how much louder it is going to be when those are size 13 mens feet bounding up the stairs instead of boys 13.


Day 21: Slow – a slow boil (or how long it feels for water to come to a boil in this house – so slooooooooow)

Day 22: a room – Hubby’s office. I guess I should be a nice wife and try to clean up in there a little considering his insane Fall schedule.

Day 23: Yellow – Yesterday’s sunrise. I thought yesterday was yellow today so I took it early.

That’s all I got for today folks. I have a Meat Loaf in the oven that is almost done.

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  1. Love the sunset and water photo. They say a watched pot never boils…I'm assuming that's my problem. When I put something to boil, it takes forever. So I turn around to check Facebook and when I come back the water's evaporated. Oop.s 😛

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