Weekly Summary of FMS Photo a Day: Aug 3-9

For now, I have decided to do just one weekly post of my “photo a day” pictures instead of everyday. Mostly because it gives me an easy post on Friday afternoons when I need it most, ha ha.

August 3: Skyline – this one was taken awhile ago. None of the photos I wanted to take either came out or materialized (the ONE Saturday no one was skydiving on our way into church, grr!)


August 4: Fresh – Bell Pepper Rajas (get the recipe here)

August 5: Early – an Early Girl tomato that is almost ready for picking.

August 6: This means a lot to me – thatrecipe.com, founded by my mother and full of recipes from family and friends.

August 7: a sign – Hopefully a sign of good things to come with Kap hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end.


August 8: Peek-a-boo – J looking through his “telescope”.

August 9: 2 o’clock – The Calms Forte didn’t help much. Hoping the swim will keep him asleep tonight. I’m not telling what was in Mommy’s sippy cup, ha ha!

That’s it for me! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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  1. sand in mommy's sippy?

    1. and in my right sock. 🙂

  2. Great pix, Audrey. The Early Girl is an especially clever interpretation of the prompt. Nice work!

    1. thanks, Debbi! I am trying to be creative with the interpretation and patient with the pictures. I ended up with a better peek a boo a few hours after I posted that one.

  3. So how are your tomatoes holding out? We've had so much rain a few of mine have gotten end rot….I had one today that was pretty tasty and the potential for a few others, but so far it's been a disappointing season on my end.

    1. I am in Southern California so it doesn't rain in the summer time (much, maybe a trace). The two early girls are doing great. Two others I planted at the same time snapped in the wind just after I planted them – devastating. I have one other indeterminate, maybe beefsteak, I forget, that really can't make up its mind what it wants to do. I might get 5 of it total.

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