Give me boring routine any day.

This week has exhausted me. It wasn’t that we did anything overly taxing or that J kept us up more than usual. I finally came to the realization that it is because we have been completely thrown off our routine since Saturday.

Instead of going to our normal local church we piled in the car as soon as M got off work to go visit his parents and go to church with them since his mom was having surgery to have her defibrillator put in on Monday. J napped on the way there and we headed home after dark which rarely happens for us. Two factors which doomed us to a late night of getting to sleep. Sunday was a lazy day at home.

Monday was the surgery so I spent the day texting to and from his sisters and him finding out what was going on and keeping everyone up to date. In between my usual volunteering at the school and everything else I try to do.

Tuesday was J’s annual IEP. Us sitting in a room with the principal, his teacher and 4 other specialists whose job it is to help him get through school. It was a good meeting, but they are somehow always taxing as you all sit down and try to set goals for him for the year. I may get in to more specifics on this later, for now it would be a tangent to my main point.

Wednesday, my friend Mary came over with her grandson so the boys could have a play date. Okay, truth be told it was so we could sit and talk and they could entertain themselves for an hour or so.

Thursday was more volunteering at the school and going to pick up the paperwork for the IEP that wasn’t ready. Nothing to out of the ordinary or to taxing for me. M however spent three hours for what should have been an hour drive because Cal Trans forgot to pick up the cones at 5 a.m. like they are supposed to do every morning. He missed his morning class and was stressed about it all day, which like it or not, rubbed off on me.

Today M dropped J off while I went to go sign the paperwork, went to get my hair cut, pick up my glasses and shop at Sam’s Club. We got home in time to sit for 30 minutes and do nothing before we were off to pick up J at school. But the real chaos came just as we were sitting down to some TV time before dinner. A frantic knock at the door, open it up to my neighbor. His littlest boy had fallen and got a cut right over his eye that needed stitches, but he had his older boy plus 2 nieces and a nephew and not enough room in the car for all of them to go to emergency. Send them over! So instead of peacefully watching a little Daniel Tiger so Dad could rest and Mom could cook we had 4 extra kids for an hour and a half. And if you are wondering the little guy got his cut glued and was running around outside after dinner while his mom and dad kept begging him to slow down.

Like I said, nothing big or major in and of itself. But add it all up and we were completely thrown out of our routine all week long.  I am completely wiped out. Normally, we do pretty much the same thing at the same time every day. We have found it is better for J that way, he knows what to expect, there is comfort in the monotony. Turns out, Mom and Dad like it that way too.

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