Mommy Moral Dilemma

Friday is Apple Day in J’s kindergarten class. The kids are going to do a bunch of apple related activities, tasting, sorting, etc. Parents are invited to join in the festivities.

My husband doesn’t have classes on Fridays. So it sounds like a no brainer for one or both of us to hang out with J at school, right? Well, M may not have classes on Fridays but he does have classes Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. The only time we get any alone time is Friday morning. Unless you count the hours between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. when he gets home and then has to turn around and leave again and we should all be sleeping (but J isn’t always following the plan).

And to add to the dilemma, Thursday is our anniversary.

Sigh, so do we go to Apple Day? Or be totally selfish and go out for a breakfast date Friday morning? Ugh.

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