My kids math homework.

J is 3 months in to his Kindergarten year and his homework is already getting to me. First it was banging my head over the “I is for Indian” letter practice page, and now it is his math homework that has me scratching my head.

Number 1 – This isn’t a math problem! It is reading comprehension! Something I have already mentioned challenges J. Apparently it also challenges the authors and editors of the math book.

Number 2 – Could they possibly have worded this any more awkwardly? Couldn’t they just say Don has two less than seven? And should I even get into the fact that they wrote out the word “two” and then immediately used the number “7”? 

Only 12 years and 7 months left. Buckle up folks, I think we are in for a long bumpy ride. Yee haw!!

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