7 Common Words I Can’t Spell.

Some people hate auto correct. I have to admit it has saved me from embarrassment more than once. The trick of course is to reread what you have written BEFORE you hit send. Yeah, I don’t always do that either. Does anyone? For the most part I am okay, but there are a few common words I can’t spell.

Seven common words I can't spell without looking them up every time: calendar, dilemma, surprise and more.

I am a native English speaker with a college degree. I really should be able to spell without too much struggle, right? I am not sure if it is my brain moving faster than my fingers or just certain synapses fail to fire properly when I try to type certain words due to prolonged sleep deprivation. There are a few rather common words in the English language I struggle with no matter how hard I try to remember them.

And I don’t mean occasionally, I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to write these words I mess them up. If spell check didn’t alert me I would look like a fool.

Let the embarrassment begin:

    • awkward – w k w? how about wtf? but it would make a great WWF score if I ever get the right letter combo.


    • surprise – I always try to make it “prize” – my husband caught me looking it up once and laughed at me


    • lavender – I type the last “e” as an “a”


    • calendar  – and then I type the last “a” as an “e” here


    • vacuum – I try to double the “c”


    • dilemma – yep, I am one of those people that think it is a trick word and should be “dilemna” Nope, it is two “m”s, I just like to make it hard for no good reason.


    • refrigerator – it is shortened to “fridge” so I always put the “d” in there. Very embarrassing for a food blogger.

I am sure there are others, but these are ones that I came up with off the top of my head since they are words I use frequently. And while I am confessing, I will confess to using synonyms if I am unsure if I am spelling things correctly or using the correct word (affect and effect – ugh!!!).

So let’s hear it, are there any words that give you pause when you try to type them?


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  1. Lavender, and calendar are 2 of mine too!! And surprise! Maybe we went to the same spelling class?? lol

    1. I don’t know what it is about these words that give me pause. I may not use lavender often, but I sure use calendar. And I see the word every stinking day on my phone. You’d think it would sink in.

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