Stretchkins don’t fail me now.

When my husband was about our son’s age he wanted a Davy Crockett hat. These were a bit hard to find in the early 70’s, so my mother-in-law warned him that Santa might not be able to find him one and would he like to ask for something else. M’s response was “That’s okay if Santa can’t find it, I asked Baby Jesus.” And here’s a load of Catholic guilt just in time for Christmas. As Christmas was closing in, she was browsing around Target just waiting for one of her older daughters to finish selling something or other for a school fundraiser out front and boom! there was ONE coon skin cap sitting in a weird place in the store. And Christmas was saved.

Flash forward forty years and here is J’s first letter to Santa:

“Dear Santa plese bring me a Stretch kin’s and little lego’s so I can billd. Thank you.”

This from the kid, that never really asks for anything specific. But he has seen the commercial over and over and he has been asking us for it and hasn’t forgotten about it.

Unfortunately, I received this e-mail on Wednesday:

Dear Customer,

Stretchkins were on a 2 week handling time at the time your order was placed. This is the hottest selling ASOTV kids toy this season.

We regret to inform you there has been a delay and the new ETA is mid December. That will leave us plenty of time to get them to you by Christmas.

Please know, in the event there’s another delay, which we are not anticipating, we will let you know in plenty of time to get another gift.

We appreciate your business and patience very much. Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns.

Oh boy! I wonder if Santa hands out IOUs?

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