We have two award winners in the house this week!

Woo hoo! Yeah us!

First, I got another Fab Four for FMS Photo a Day. For those unfamiliar with PAD, it is a group of photographers that take a picture every day based on a prompt, then one of the group’s moderator goes through all of the photos (literally thousands!) and selects 4 they like the best. It can be because the photo is wonderful or has a great take on the prompt. My recent one was for the prompt R is for …

Sometimes I can spend an hour thinking about the prompt, devising and setting up my shot and then editing it. I had a gazillion things to do that day so I spent less than 5 minutes on that one. I just looked around until I saw something with an R that was Christmas-y, snapped the photo and added a filter in Instagram. Truthfully is isn’t even one of my favorite art projects we have done and I should think about cleaning it up a bit. But the moderator liked the shot and chose it among all of the other beautiful entries. Ha ha! Ain’t that the way?

But the big winner is J, who got a Rainbow award today for knowing all 100 of the sight words they are supposed to know by the end of First Grade (he is 4 months in to Kindergarten).

M’s first question when I told him about it was “Is this a Participation Trophy?” No, this is not one of those “every student has to get an award before the end of the year” feel good awards (he’ll be getting his happy happy award later in the year). This one is a legitimate academic achievement award. There were 12 students out of approximately 100 to achieve it in the first month they hand it out.

And so you don’t think my husband is the only cynic in the house, there was a little voice in my head that said “Why not just give him an award for breathing.” I swear that kid was born knowing how to read, he probably could have gone through the entire list over a year ago.

BUT WAIT! Before you start hating us for being awful pushy overachieving parents, we are proud of him and we let him know it. We were even more proud of the fact that he sat quietly through the entire award presentation and paid attention the entire time.

I just wish I got a decent photo of him getting his certificate, but every shot I have was blurry. Yes, I can taste the bitter irony.

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