Playing school

Ever since we ran into one of J’s classmates at the library last week he has been ready to go back to school. I will admit, I am ready for him to go back too, but we have one more week to go. So the last few days we have been playing school.

Today, our “centers” were practice spelling the first 20 rainbow words (since he can already read all 100 of them, the next step is to master spelling them) and then we did a little math by counting all of the Rainbow words by fives:

Then we moved on to science and broke out the Outer Space Explorer kit.

I felt a little bad for more poor little snow deprived child. Most of the country is blanketed in freezing snow, but not us. So, the best I could do was head outside on this overcast 70 degree day and mix up some in a bucket from our kit.

We even spilled some on the driveway in our wild play so I had to shovel it up with a tablespoon. (I am mean, I know – stay warm my cold weather friends).

And while we had the box out we also played with the Spider Balls. It took 4 hours to get to this point, which was a loooooooooooooong time to wait when you are 5 years old.

But it was still fun because, who doesn’t want to “roll, throw, bounce, and try to squish the balls once they are hydrated – just like real spiders.

Uh, yeah. Nothing says fun like rolling bouncing and throwing spiders.

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