"My" printer is out of black ink.

My darling husband informed me that my printer is running out of black ink.
The last printer died so I carefully researched it and purchased a new one. Okay, so I walked down the aisle at mass merchant, saw one I’m my price range,verified it would do what I want then put it in the cart.
I then set it up in his office and installed it so we could print from all of our electronic devices.
Since then the percentage of printing breaks down about like this:
– 85% his stuff – syllabi (syllabuses?), tests, study guides etc for his classes
-13% J’s stuff – calendar numbers, coloring pages, etc.
– 2% my stuff – paperwork for the house, taxes, packing slips for his stuff.
But, my printer is out of ink.
Translation: I don’t know the model number, can you please take care of it, oh wonderful caring intellectually gifted amazing woman that I  was lucky enough to marry?  Or something like that.
It’s good to be needed.

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