Well that was disappointing

After much thought, my husband and I decided to drive down to Kit Carson Park in Escondido to see the Arboretum and Queen Califa’s Magic Circle – a really cool outdoor sculpture garden. I had been once before a few years ago and J really enjoyed running around the statues. I thought it would be fun to get some then and now pictures.
Forty five minutes later we got to the park, found the garden and saw this.
What is this, Wallyworld? (I hated that movie, but put the reference in for my friend Rick).

Boo! I snuck a few pictures from between the holes in the fence.



Then we decided we could still see the arboretum and the rest of the park.
Ducks are not known for paying attention to warning signs.
Semper Fi
Finally we found a statue to play with!


luckily this is the only rattlesnake we saw at the park all day


No, he did not share his granola bar with the snake.

Finally we circled back to where we started and we still hadn’t found the arboretum. Well there’s the sign, let me check the park map online.


THAT’S what you call an arboretum? A few palm trees (off to the left out of view) and some citrus in a dirt patch?


Sorry, guys!  I blew that one. At least the temps are above freezing here so we could be outside.  And the Chinese food we grabbed for lunch on the way home was awesome.

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