Just another Manic Monday

I am desperately trying NOT to let my son’s cold catch up to me. Sucking down some honey and ginger tea as I type and dutifully taking this every 4 hours.

They aren’t sponsoring this post, I have just found it has helped me
the last few times I felt the ticklings of a cold.

My morning started “Mommy Helper” duty in the classroom. Four pages of math on the number 13 and 14. With six squirrelly students at a time each with a set of little foam circle counters that only wanted to be made into stacks, play with each and jump off the table and basically not help the students do their math. All I could do was laugh. My son was the calmest and quietest of the bunch, ha ha! The teacher was floored/thrilled when I told her they all finished. She was expecting at least half to need more time after recess. Good thing I brought my math whip and counter corralling rope with me.

I came home and rested on the couch for an hour before having to head back for pick up. I knew I was going to need the energy to get through the afternoon. My friend had an appointment so her two daughters came over for a playdate.

First we made our own pizzas for lunch. One wanted pepperoni, one wanted only cheese and the other wanted a bowl of cereal. Everyone got exactly what they wanted. Cuz that’s the way I roll.

We also made paper boats to float in my pond after we spent 20 minutes in J’s room looking for the Curious George : The Boat Show book that has the instructions.

Then one of the girls wanted to make “one of those airplane boats”. When I told her I didn’t know how, she decided they would just make airplanes and boats and glue them together.

Then we made some pom pom critters.

Then J and I were serenaded with the Frozen soundtrack.
L: I am going to sing you the Let it Be song. Do you want Elsa or Demi Lovato?
J: What’s that?
(my poor Disney-deprived son, ha ha!)

Followed by a little Paw Patrol time.

And then it was back out to the pond to do science experiments on Sink and Float (thanks again to the Curious George: The Boat Show book).

And while we were on a science kick, how about making fake snow?

Hopefully, everyone will sleep well tonight. I know I will. Good night all.

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