May 2014 Garden Update

This is a busy beautiful time in my yard.

I got the lawn organically treated a few weeks ago and I finally trimmed the monster tree in the front yard – I wasn’t spending $250! M is still not thrilled the roots of the tree are breaking through the grass, but now that the lawn is healthy and green he doesn’t notice it as much.
just a little difference between my yard on the left and the neighbors on the right

The African Sumac got a long overdo hair cut.
It’ll grow back, right? right?
The pond plants are in full bloom. Not only did I finally figure out how to fix the waterfall (the water has to go away from the rocks instead of down and behind or it will cause the liner to bubble up) I found a treatment for the sludge build up, so hopefully I won’t have to drain the pond and clean it out by hand. A few more treatments and I will go buy more fish. PetSmart had an adoption event when we went by the other day and it was mass chaos! Hopefully lots of animals found homes.

The natives look “berry” good. The birds already ate most of the Manzanita berries I wanted to try when they were ripe, so I think I will leave these for them too. All-natural bird feeder with no mess to clean up.

coffee berry

California lilac
Toyon berries
Salvia – butterflies and hummingbirds love these trumpet shaped flowers as well as the bees.

Edibles aren’t quite edible yet, except the beets, which I finally harvested and planted a few pumpkin seeds yesterday.

beets of different varieties


green beans

red table grapes

Thompson seedless grapes


tomatoes – forgot to label the early girl and the beefmaster – oops.
I have 3 of each.

lovely lavender

lots of pomegranate flowers, hopefully more than one tiny pomegranate this year

yarrow slowly becoming a ground cover where the citrus trees that never grew were

And a few just for fun treats:

Taken through the patio door – this beauty wasn’t letting me get much closer.
We are lizard central right now, don’t tell my friend Mary.

We have added Shiver City to Mushroom Kingdom this month.
I asked Little Master if he wanted me to cut the holes into doors, but he preferred them this way.

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of my yard. Come back next month for more updates.

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