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I was trying to get through perusing my link ups this morning when the phone rang.

“Hi, Mrs. H. This is the school nurse.” (my heart stopped beating).

“Can you bring J a change of clothes? He had an accident.” (deep exhale!)

She’s been down this road a time or twelve and said those in the right order. If she’d said “accident” before “change of clothes” I might have started to panic.

I ran upstairs, grabbed him a change then sprinted for the school a few blocks away.

On the way, my mind calculated the time to estimate what he had been doing at the time. COMPUTERS! Oh yeah, that kid is not going to pull himself away from computer time voluntarily to take care of biological business.

After we got him changed and sent back to class with a few candy corn and the promise he would get more computer time at home since he had missed it in class, I chatted with the nurse for a few minutes.

This happen more than you might think, especially boys. When it is the older boys (even the 4th and 5th graders) she always knows that they didn’t want to stop playing at recess to take care of it, then got involved in whatever was going on in class and…

She tries to keep extra pants on hand in all sizes just in case. But getting pants is a little harder than jackets. The kids take the jackets off at recess leave them on the playground and they end up in the lost and found and never claimed. Doesn’t happen with pants.

So I promised I’d go through J’s wardrobe and bring a few pairs of shorts and sweats for donation. She prefers those to jeans because they take up less space and are easier to pull on.

I am also going to mention it to the moms of the bigger boys in the neighborhood. I am sure, like me, they never even thought about seeing if the school needed them.

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