October 2014 Garden Update

Ah Fall! The time of regrowth in my garden. Yes, I said regrowth. Many people quip that we don’t have seasons in California, but that isn’t true. We do, it’s just a little different from the way many people who are more familiar with the traditional four seasons are used to.
We have three seasons – dry (summer), wet (fall and winter) and “fruiting” (spring). Native plants go dormant in the hot dry summer, then when the rains come they sprout and flower, and most fruit in the spring time.
I do have some more traditional looking Autumn shots:
Betula occidentalis

Thompson grapes
Freesia – trust me they are under there and will begin growing soon.



turnips – need to replant the spots that didn’t sprout

arugula in the foreground and lettuce in the background


 California Natives

The pond with Zauschneria blooming in the foreground
Mulhenbergia rigens - deer grass
Mulhenbergia rigens – deer grass
close up of Fallugia paradoxa plumes
close up of Fallugia paradoxa plumes
Fallugia paradoxa - Apache plume
Fallugia paradoxa in the background
This ceonothus (lilac) looks a bit ragged from far away.
buds on ceonothus
But if you zoom in you see leaves and even a flower bud beginning to form.
flower buds just beginning to form on an Arctostaphylos (manzanita)

Flowers and more flowers:
Leonotis Leonurus – Lion’s ear (edible)
Oregano (edible)
Lavender (edible)
Yarrow (edible)
Salvia – sage (California native)

Solidago californica – Goldenrod (California native)
Fallugia paradoxa (California native)

Zauschneria (California native)

Erigeron glaucus – Wayne Roderick Daisy (California native)


The African Sumac is filling in nicely after I chopped it back in the spring.
Now those are some big spiders! Eeek!

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