Toy Purge Time

It was time for “the talk” with my six year old. No not THAT one, hubby gets to have that discussion in a few years. This talk was about “giving to those less fortunate”.

I explained there were some little boys whose parents couldn’t afford to buy them any toy they wanted, and this time of year we can do two things:
  • donate our old toys
  • buy a new toy and donate it to a charity drive.
He seemed to get it, until he saw the brand new box of Legos I bought for the Angel Tree gift at church. 
“I’ll have that one and you can give them some of my other toys.” Sigh. After I re-explained it, and promised him he could help wrap the gift and take it to church he seemed okay with it. I still hid the box. Mommy isn’t that foolish.

Then we went through his old toys and decided what he no longer played with and could be given away.
All the “easy puzzles:
Plus the Thomas collection (minus a few trains and some tracks we are keeping for putting around the Christmas tree):
This photo only shows about half of it.
Of course he had to play with the trains one more time before they are sent off to his little cousin in Texas. 
Many of these trains and tracks were donated to us by my college roommate’s son. And now they will entertain another boy, and I am sure his parents will pass them along to his little cousin (or their Grandfather) when he is done.
Plus we also gathered up some easy books, a set of Duplo blocks, and videos he no longer watches.
And there are the 4 unopened Thomas and Friends sets he was given after he moved on to something else. We just set those side when he got them and they will go to Toys for Tots.
So we have a pile of stuff for cousins and another pile to be given to other charities. J is learning about the spirit of giving. And most importantly, I have some space on the bookshelves and in the closet. 
At least for the next month….

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