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Worse than the Man Flu

I love my husband. He is a wonderful, loving, intelligent well educated man. He is a great father to our 6 year old son.

Unlike the stereotypical male, he does not wimp out when he gets sick. The man worked through walking pneumonia last year.

But, when HIS son gets sick he instantly transforms into Chicken Little:

He feels hot. Does he feel hot to you? Go have Mommy check your temperature.

He has a fever of 99.5?! When did you last give him Tylenol? What do you mean you haven’t given him any? He has a FEVER! I see that he is running around acting normal, but he has a FEVER! How high dies it have to be for us to give him Tylenol?

Wake up, he just sneezed, should we wake him and give him something? I am going to sit up with him all night. What should I do if he wakes up?

If he keeps throwing up where are we going to take him? What do you mean you want to go to the Urgent Care in another town. I don’t care if his classmate’s dad runs it, isn’t there one closer?

He won’t eat anything, shouldn’t he eat something? What should we have him eat?

He’s been sick for 24 hours now, we have to DO something? (Note: math rounding rules at work, it was 18 hours so rounding up to the nearest day made it 24).

…and on and on until J is back to normal and my tongue is completely numb from me biting it constantly.

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6 thoughts on “Worse than the Man Flu”

  1. Lol, it’s definitely nice to know that my husband isn’t the only one that goes into full freak out mode if our little guy shows any sign of illness.

  2. That’s funny! I’m pretty sure my hubby doesn’t even notice when one of our kids is sick…unless they are full on tossing their cookies or take up the whole couch for several hours. 😉

  3. AH!! How funny! Not the part where you’re biting your tongue of course! Just the part where your husband turns into a nervous Nellie!
    Here from Fri Frivolity.

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