Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014
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I am going to my happy place

Summer is unofficially over. Too bad no one told Mother Nature! Our 5 day forecast:

weather forecastUGH! It is so miserable out there my yard looks hot and tired. Which, for California native plants, is actually quite normal. They go dormant in the dry and heat. Come cooler wet weather they will perk up again.

I am miserable. I am currently enjoying the age of hot flashes. Which, I might add, is one of the most ridiculous misnomers I have ever heard. Definition of flash: “shine in a bright but brief, sudden, or intermittent way.” There is no brief or intermittent about mine – I am just hot all the time! Reminds me of 3rd trimester pregnancy, but I don’t know when this will end…


I am just going to go to a happy place for a little while. My backyard after a snowstorm. Because that’s about as much snow as I can tolerate. A light dusting once a decade and then gone. Like happened this past New Year’s Eve in our area.


This Fallugia paradoxa, was the only California native plant damaged in the snow. They weight split a few branches, but to look at it now you’d never know.
Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014

The neighborhood from my husband’s office
Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014

My rustic little windmill.
Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014

This one actual earned a feature on that day for FMS Photo a Day – yeah me!
Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014


Of course we had to play in it.

Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014

Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014

And Mommy the Food Blogger had to make snow ice cream.

Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014But, as refreshing as that snow sounds and looks I could never put up with it for more than a day or two, every once in awhile. Because if it dragged on too long or happened too often, I’d be fantasizing about days like today.

My party page is still in progress (stupid cold!), but this post will be shared on Photo Friday over at Pierced Wonderings. If you want to see some really lovely photos, go check it out.


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