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January 2016 – Garden Photos

I know it is February 3rd, and I am just now posting January Garden Photos. I could have backdated the post by a few days, but the truth is I just now got them edited to put up.

January in a California native garden is actually just the beginning of a magical time. Especially if we keep getting rain. In my area we don’t normally get snow (aside from last year’s once in a decade storm). Though it does get down to at or near freezing overnight for a few more months. So no sowing delicate plants like tomatoes outdoors yet. Though I will be starting them indoors this week.

After a long hibernation during the hot dry summer, once the weather chills and the rains come, most California native plants start to come to life.

SIGH! Except for 3 large Ceanothus (California lilacs) like the one in the background below. They are all dead. 🙁

Wildlife Habitat sign
Have I mentioned my garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat? fill out a form, pay a fee, get certified, with a swank sign to show it off.
fallugia paradoxa - Apache plume
The Fallugia paradoxa (Apache plume) has all been scalped back over the month and is now starting to sprout some leaves
California lilac in January sprouting new leaves
One of the surviving large Ceanothus (California lilac) is getting new leaves too.
Ceanothus California Lilac
While this low growing lilac appears to be budding already.
Salvia starting to bloom
And this Salvia (sage) also appears to be getting some blooms.
white Arctostaphylos (Manzanita) blossoms
But the Manzanitas (Arctostaphylos) are already blooming. Manzanita means little apple in Spanish, and in a few months these blooms will turn into tiny little fruits that resemble apples.
Pink Arctostaphylos in bloom
The Manzanitas with the pink blooms are a little further along than the white.

The edible garden is coming along about as well as one can expect for this time of year.

rosemary blossom
The almost impossible to kill rosemary is covered in lovely little lavender flowers.
raised garden bed in winter in California
The raised bed with winter crops is growing… sloooooowly. Beets, lettuce, carrots and turnips from bottom to top.
bare root strawberries in a hanging strawberry planter
And much to my excitement, the bare root strawberries in the fancy hanging basket ($1 at Big Lots!) have actually started growing. Now it will be a gardening miracle if I get more than a handful of berries this season.

Like so many gardeners I am in the season of hope and plan. I am hoping everything in the ground will produce and I am planning the spring plantings now. Hopefully my seed order will arrive soon.

I will try to get February’s garden photos posted in February. At least I have an extra day this year, ha ha!

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10 thoughts on “January 2016 – Garden Photos”

  1. How interesting! And your sign! I’m not an avid gardener, but I appreciate the pretty plants and I’m lucky that my mother-in-law makes a hobby of it and helps our garden look nice. I admire indigenous plants and the Western Cape, South Africa has an abundance.

  2. We have been on a gardening break after losing a ton of $ and time to a scorched veggie patch a couple years ago. The yard rats (squirrels) absconded with the few veggies that survived, so we’ve been boycotting it all. We miss our food, though, so maybe we can brave the situation again soon…and I DO have a bunch of herbs I’ve been meaning to plant, so maybe I should just start with those…

  3. You are certainly right about the season of hope. We are supposed to be working on prepping beds and a garden plot this weekend. I have big dreams. I need to spend some time with our local master gardeners to actually create a cohesive plan.

    Thanks for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

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