Photos: Mission Beach and Bahia Resort in San Diego, CA

While on vacation last month I played around with some photo apps on my smart phone to take some photos of our favorite vacation destination: Mission Beach and the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA.

Photos of Mission Beach and Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. san diego travel. beach photography.

From the hotel, Mission Beach and Belmont Park (a beach front amusement park) are just a short two block walk. We pretty much skipped Belmont this trip to maximize the sand and the surf time. We’ve been many times and always had fun.

Mission Beach, San Diego, California

Bahia and Mission Beach(2)

The Giant Dipper roller coaster, built in 1925, is visible in the left corner.

Bahia and Mission Beach(5)

They ditched me pretty much the second their toes hit the sand and headed straight for the water

Bahia and Mission Beach(6)

I couldn’t decide between the two photos of them, so you get both.

Bahia and Mission Beach(4)

He’s always writing something.

Bahia and Mission Beach(3)

And happily he didn’t seem the least bit upset when the tide washed it away moments later.

Bahia and Mission Beach(7)

Is it seaweed or kelp or both?

His favorite red flip flops.

His favorite red flip flops.

Bahia and Mission Beach(8)

We hung out right next to the lifeguard station.

Bahia and Mission Beach(9)

The equipment is ready for action

Bahia and Mission Beach(10)

Luckily it was a quiet morning on the beach for the lifeguards.


My new desktop wallpaper.

My new desktop wallpaper.

Bahia Resort Hotel

Bahia and Mission Beach(11)

We stayed in the building with the gorgeous tile walls.

Bahia and Mission Beach(14)

 It’s hard to find shells on the ocean beach, but they are plentiful here on the bay.

Bahia and Mission Beach(18)

I don’t need my swim suit, I’m just going to play on the sand… Of course I knew better and brought his towel.

Bahia and Mission Beach(19)

The water in the bay is much calmer than the ocean, which this little fish appreciates.


Bahia and Mission Beach(13)

Mommy in the picture!

Bahia and Mission Beach(15)

Be sure to get my good side, darling! (we love heading to Bahia’s private beach in the morning to hang out with the ducks)

Photos of Mission Beach and Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. san diego travel. beach photography.

View of Mission Bay from our room.

Bahia and Mission Beach(16)

And finally a word of caution: jumping on beds after waking up early and a full day of playing on the beach, plus walking and swimming and playing with your big cousins can be a recipe for disaster. Almost all healed now.





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  1. Fabulous photos! Looks like an amazing place! Did you go on the rollercoaster?

    1. I do not do roller coasters. Luckily my husband and son aren’t too keen on them either. This one isn’t bad, just one of those old rickety looking wooden ones – no loops and spins like modern ones.

  2. Well earned owies it sounds like. I can see why you’d never want to leave the bay, thanks for transporting me there this morning, especially because it’s been nothing but hours of rain and clouds.

    1. I am in Southern California, what is this “rain” you speak of? I am not familiar with the term. 🙁

  3. Can you believe I have never been to Mission Beach? Earlier this year, we visited Pacific Beach and wanted to walk to Mission Beach but we dropped from the walk. Next time, we will rent bikes. Love your photos. San Diego rocks!

    1. That is quite the hike between the two beaches. I like them both. But it’s hard to go wrong with any beach in San Diego.

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