10 Best-Selling Books on My Wishlist Plus Friday Frivolity

Since all of the Friday Frivolity hosts are avid readers, we thought it would be fun to share our wishlists with you. My reading interests are a bit eclectic but, in general, I do like a little romance and a happy ending. And if you make me laugh along the way even better.

10 best sellers on my wishlist - books on my wishlist including mysteries, romance, classic and cookbooks


Any of the Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries. It’s no secret I fell in love with Phryne this year and have been reading the books as they become available in the library. The books and the show are different in some ways so even if you have seen the show you may still be surprised at the end of the book because it isn’t always the same ending. And in the books, Jack is a boring middle aged man instead of the dashing leading man and potential paramour. Don’t worry, Phryne has plenty of company in the books.

The Detective Murdoch Mysteries. I haven’t read any of these yet, but I have seen every episode of The Artful Detective (as it is called in the US) multiple times. The reviews seem to indicate the books are good, but different from the series. I am okay with that. Even without the romance with Dr. Ogden, sigh.

The Bubba Mysteries Book Series. Murdoch has his incredible mind, Phryne has her unmistakable style and charm, Bubba has his crazy Mama and faithful dog Precious. A wild cast of characters in a small Texas town and all kinds of  mysterious happenings that usually end up with Bubba being the prime suspect. I laughed through the first two books and want to finish the rest.


After reading Mansfield Park recently, I think Persuasion is the last Austen book I have left to read. 
Confession time: I have never read The Lord of the Rings series. I know that horrifies some of my friends. They’d really be horrified to know I haven’t even seen the movies. It is on the list now, okay? 😉

 Other Fiction

The sequel to The Unhappy Medium once it is released (hopefully in 2017!) I think I picked this up when it was free one day. It took me a bit to get into at first, as he skips around introducing all of the characters. But once it got going I could not put it down. Well developed characters and storyline, laugh out loud funny. Despite the crazy premise I was completely able to suspend my disbelief while I read it. Get this one while you wait for the sequel.

Non-Fiction Books

The 5 Love Languages of Children: This was recommended by one of my Friday Frivolity co-hosts, Lisa of Syncopated Mama.

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant. As the mother of a child with high functioning autism you’d think I’d have read a lot of books on the subject. The truth is I have read exactly NONE. I read several blogs written by other autism parents, but when I sit down with a book I want to escape and laugh. Autism usually doesn’t do that for me.  But, this one has been highly recommended to me by a few people. And since it is actually written by someone on the spectrum it looks much more interesting to me.

Cook’s Illustrated The Science of Good Cooking. Yet another book from a TV show, ha ha! I already have The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, that I use often. I have heard this one delves a bit more into the science behind cooking.

Bread Art: Decorating and Painting Edible Bread for Beginners. Just look at the gorgeous works of art on the cover! I first discovered Chef Tess Blogeresse when someone shared her no knead overnight bread recipe on Facebook years ago. That recipe was great and I became a huge fan.


Now on to the link-up! 😀
Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!


Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!

Featured Post from Last Week:
In a fun twist, since we now have five hosts and co-hosts we will also have five FEATURES…. but you will have to go check out the other four blogs to see if you were featured there! 😉

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I thought this post by The Man Down My Local was a great fit for our theme today. He discusses his choices for Desert Island Discs. You are stranded on a deserted island and get to take one book, one luxury item and eight songs. What would you chose? Think about it and then read Anthony’s choices.



The Hosts:

Host, Audrey, Friday Frivolity
Audrey is a wonderfully eclectic blogger, who not only can cook up a storm over on That Recipe, but also writes at Munofore – “MUsings NOt FOod RElated.” Munofore touches on humor, parenting, crafting, holiday ideas, tutorials, and more! Audrey’s most recent post reviews Classic Games for Family Fun — awesome recommendations for holiday gifts, or game nights through the year!

FridayFrivolity host Sarah Eliza of Devastate Boredom

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Sarah Eliza is on a mission to Devastate Boredom by living life with laughter and intention! Her blog is your spot for Capsule Wardrobe how-to’s and inspiration, humor, encouragement, life-hacks, Read / DON’T Read book reviews, and more!  Stop by her blog for winter Capsule Wardrobe inspiration — mix-and-match outfit inspiration in burgundy and olive! 

Host, Lisa, Friday Frivolity

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Lisa is an awesomely hilarious and authentic writer who marches to her own drum on her blog Syncopated Mama, providing an “un-labelly spot” for all the happily off-beat folks out there who have been wishing to find kindred spirits. She shares her adventures building a natural home, teaching her adorbs daughter, establishing and refining positive communication skills, camping, creating, cooking, and so much more! Lisa’s latest post is a hilarious and awesome list of Stocking Stuffers from A-Z… you’ve gotta check it out!

FridayFrivolity host Jessica from Babi a Fi

Jessica is an amazingly funny and smart blogger from Wales who writes at Babi a Fi on a whole range of topics — from entertaining vintage nostalgia, to technology tutorials, to book reviews, to raising her adorable munchkin, and so much more! Her latest post, a review of the Meryl Streep film Florence Foster Jenkins, is filled with comedy and pathos!

FridayFrivolity host Erin from Stay at Home Yogi
Erin is a fantastically honest and engaging blogger over at Stay at Home Yogi, where she shares encouragement for fitness, finances, self-care, and other fun and positive topics.  Her posts are filled with great advice and perspective.  Be sure to stop by her blog for this month’s Financially Fit update — Erin shares both the progress and frustrations of tackling debt, as well as helpful strategies for saving and making money too!

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This a link-up for all things funny, fun, encouraging, hopeful, and happy. That includes free printables, giveaways, and other fun stuff to make us SMILE and start the weekend off on the right foot. If you’re here in search of fun and uplifting reading materials, skip the rules and just start clickin’! Bloggy buddies, thanks for coming to par-tay! You are welcome to link up to 3 posts, and old posts are always welcome! There are three rules only:

Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!


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  1. Thanks for hosting, my first time to particpate on your blog.
    Tweeted your post and invite you to stop by and join in my weekly party!
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Glad you could stop by and join us. I love those cookies you made. so much fun!

  2. I’d completely forgotten about the Phyrne books – I read one right after you shared them before and haven’t remembered to get any others! I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the Chapman book! #FridayFrivolity

    1. I will try to remember it when we go to the library this week.

  3. Adding some of these to my library list RIGHT NOW! ;P Persuasion is my FAVORITE of all Jane’s books… I think it was really the height of her humor. And Anne and Mr. Wentworth… *swoon*

    1. I already downloaded it, but have been busy with holiday prep so I haven’t started it yet.

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