How to Organize a Community Clean Up (Friday Frivolity)

Last Saturday my son and I participated in a Community Clean Up of one of the main streets leading in to our neighborhood. Since the Friday Frivolity hosts have a rain / Earth Day theme this week I thought I would give you some easy ideas to help you organize a community clean up in your own neighborhood.

How to Organize a Community Clean Up: Some people complain about the trash in their neighborhood, others get the neighbors together to clean it up.

One of my neighbors did something that is almost unthinkable in today’s society. She noticed there was a lot of trash on the main street in our neighborhood and she took to social media. Big deal, doesn’t everyone do that when  something bothers them there days? But, she didn’t complain. She didn’t turn it into a political tirade. She didn’t break into a modern rendition of “What’s the matter with these kids today”. She didn’t say someone should do something.

She asked if people wanted to get together and help clean it up. And people were thrilled to help. She picked a day and a time, set up a Facebook event, and told people to show up with a trash bag and gloves. About 30 of us came and in less than an hour we had tidied up the 1.5 mile stretch of road. We got to meet some neighbors we had only seen around school or the grocery store and our neighborhood looks so much better.

There were a lot of young people, some of which were doing it as an activity with Boy Scouts or for service hours at school. And a certain 8 year old who desperately needs to learn there are other human beings on this planet and he needs to start helping them or he may not live to see his 9th birthday. But, I am not going to name any names.

How to Organize a Community Clean Up: Some people complain about the trash in their neighborhood, others get the neighbors together to clean it up.

This is from about 3/10 of a mile on both sides of the street. No, I am not throwing away the 8 year old… yet.

Everyone that participated agreed it was actually fun and we are planning to do the cross street soon.

How to Organize a Community Clean Up: Some people complain about the trash in their neighborhood, others get the neighbors together to clean it up.

The first piece of the day, a poop bag. Put it in a bag then drop it on the sidewalk. SMH!


How to Organize a Community Clean Up: Some people complain about the trash in their neighborhood, others get the neighbors together to clean it up.

His photo of me. ha ha! I bet you can still tell what I was holding.

There was lots of trash from the local coffee place and fast food restaurants and plenty of water bottles. Also, there were some rather nasty things you wouldn’t want to touch with bare hands. The one item I didn’t see was single use plastic bags. Yes, I live in California where they are now illegal.

If you are feeling inspired to organize a community clean up of your own here’s all you need to do:

  • pick an area that needs to be cleaned (park, street, etc.)
  • pick a day and time to meet
  • recruit people to help (social media and word of mouth are better than paper flyers or posters)
  • have people bring their own trash bags and gloves
  • arrange for the trash to be disposed of properly
  • thank people for coming, especially the kids

Depending on the time of year, you might also recommend people bring their own hats, sunscreen and water. And seriously, don’t forget the gloves 😉

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  2. Appreciate the shout out. Community clean ups are such a great idea. Great way to get kids to take pride in where they live and how it looks

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