12 Creative Box Tops Collection Boxes

Most elementary schools collect Box Tops for Education and other labels to help earn money for the schools. You can collect them in plastic baggies or just about any cleaned out container from your recycle bin. But here are some easy and creative box tops collection boxes if you want to do something a bit more fun.


creative box tops collection boxes

Here’s a lovely one for your counter top at home from Living Rich on Less


I just wish this robot from All Smiles in Second Grade could trim them and check the expiration dates too.


Here are two cute monsters from Growing up Bilingual


and All Smiles in Second Grade


Upcycle those tissue boxes to make this cake from Tonya Staab


or this pencil shaped box from Life with Darcy and Brian.


And I found these photos on Pinterest but couldn’t track the original sources. If they are yours, let me know so I can properly credit you!


Don’t trash our box tops 


I mustache you for your box tops with home collection envelopes 


Pencils from Pringles containers 


Cutely decorated wipes containers 


And finally here’s the Pikachu I made last year from an oatmeal container

Pikachu Box Tops for Education Collection Box #BTFE


and this year’s Lego my Box Tops from a cornstarch container (no link: just paint the face with acrylic paint and add a sign)

Lego minifig head from cornstarch container


Lego my box tops mini-fig head box top collection boxes.

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